Ferrari F8 Tributo, Not Just 488 GTB Facelift

It's hard to miss information about Ferrari. Although the owner is only a handful of people, dreaming of having it has certainly been experienced by all men. This time we present the latest model, the Tributo F8, which is ready to launch this month at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is similar to the 488 GTB, a hypercar that has been in the country since last year. It's not wrong if you realize the resemblance, because the body shape as a whole does adhere to the same principle. Especially when looking at the headlights and wind tunnel side. Or look at the dashboard, it's really similar to 488 GTB even though there can be detected an update.

Naturally, yet the Tributo F8 was developed from 488 in order to embrace the Ferrari design scheme to the next generation. Although much like it, it's still a new Ferrari, man!

The Tributo script is said to be used to appreciate the legends of Ferrari F40 and 308 GTB. These two models, successfully brought it into being an exotic and hard to forget car brand. In fact, for the sake of presenting a nostalgic sensation to the past, round back lights were adopted. Hmm ... two pairs of lights, really reminiscent of the phenomenal F40 stern.

So, what's new? The 3.9 liter engine with dual turbo from its predecessor (388 GTB), is now fixed to get 720 hp of power. This power figure, successfully made him reach the title of the strongest V8 configuration machine ever. With a mechanical heart, the Tributo F8 is claimed to be able to reach 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed also touches 340 km / hr.

The engine, it is said, is not the only aspect that makes the Tributo F8 reach the claim above. A strict diet is done to reduce the weight by 40 kg. Improvements in the aerodynamics area with integrated rear spoilers also affect acceleration. S Duct, F1-style wind flow technology, was also promoted. The goal is to make the flow from the front bumper hole to the hood more optimal.

The braking sector gets aerodynamic attention. The vent on the side of the bumper is now present. The vision is to supply wind to the wheels and maintain deceleration performance. Understandably, this car is able to provide fun when driving constantly at a level of more than 200 km / hour. Brakes, must be ready to reduce speed in fresh conditions.

The electronic circuit is also touched. Race Mode is updated to get optimal power control from the prancing horse. Of course the typical Ferrari booming sound is maintained, even though the 8 exhaust headers are grafted turbo. The F8 Tributo sound, it should be more than enough to just shake the coffee glass at the cafe where you parked the car.

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