Mitsubishi is pleased with the birth of the Nissan Livina

Nissan Livina was officially sold, Mitsubishi welcomed it positively. The reason, the more crowded the players in the LMPV segment the better. According to Irwan Kuncoro, Director of Sales & Marketing Division of PT MMKSI, the increase in new products means that the market annexed by LMPV is increasing and becoming an opportunity.

"We congratulate the Livina launch. We see a positive because of the new products coming in at LMPV, the cake is getting bigger. This is an opportunity," said Irwan when he was met during the launch of Mitsubishi Beta Beta Manado dealership (28/2). That means, with increasing competition it could be Xpander's opportunity to continue to expand the market. Yes, Irwan previously explained, the trend of LMPV continued to swell, especially since last year. "Approximately small MPV, the contribution is now around 30-31 percent to the total passenger car, previously around 28-29 percent," he said.

What's more, despite sharing the same platform, Mitsubishi can't talk about products from other brands. Irwan said the Nissan and Mitsubishi alliances did not mean he could speak in other brands of kitchen areas. "For the production of other brands, we have no comment. I make sure the production flow (Xpander) is not disturbed. Talk generally, factory capacity is still and continues to be improved. The domestic market is expanding, the export market continues to be served," said Irwan. In addition, the pivot to have Xpander is claimed to have been resolved. It is said there are still those who get a month waiting period, only certain variants.

So is the after-sales service. Irwan reiterated, even though it was an alliance but the matter of marketing and post-purchase services was managed by each. That can be interpreted, Livina users cannot service at Mitsubishi's workshop. Vice versa.

Naturally, many think that they can share the service between Xpander and Livina. The reason is, the overall design is like a nut cut in half, only different on the face and a number of small parts. But it can be seen, the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia have implemented similar strategies for a long time and have their respective after-sales service affairs.

Even so, the Avanza - Xenia clearly divides the market. Xenia was told to maintain a cheaper segment. While Avanza plays at a higher price. Unlike Xpander and Livina. The position and price offered are slightly different between Xpander and Livina in a similar segment.

Even so, each brand has confidence in its products. Again, Mitsubishi sees competition as a good stimulus for the market. "We see a positive market getting bigger, consumers have many choices. We are confident to lead in (engine segment) 1.5," Irwan concluded.

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