Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, These Are Some Interesting Facts

PT Garda Andalan Selaras (GAS), the holder of the Triumph Motorcycles brand in Indonesia, officially markets the New Scrambler 1200 XE. This scrambler-style motorbike, offered in two colors; Cobalt Blue and Jet Black. The price charged is quite fantastic, IDR 545 million (off the road). So what is the greatness of the motorbike with this classic touch?

1. Different Designs
A Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, a combination of adventure and classic concepts. This combination provides its own charm. Retro impressions emanated clearly from the scrambler design carried. The rounded frame is combined with a pattern of stitching on the seat, and the use of a rounded lighting sector strengthens the look.

Even so, there are modern touches that make it more attractive. Seen from the front suspension that uses gold-colored telescopic upside down, chrome steel exhaust with the latest design, the application of LED technology to all lights (headlamp, turn signal, stop lamp and daytime running light) Not only that, the instrument panel looks futuristic with color TFT digital display complete information.

2. Powerful Engine

The 1200 XE Scrambler utilizes a 1200cc Bonneville engine. Inside the combustion chamber there is a double cylinder which is specially tuned for him. The power produced reaches 90 PS at 7,400 rpm. The torsional moment is also large, even playing in the lower rotation, 110 Nm at 3,950 rpm. This setting allows the flow of power to the wheels fast enough, making it suitable for bulldozing offroad tracks. In order to maintain optimal performance, gas control carries ride-by-wire technology.

3. Studded Features

Various embedded features to support driving comfort. First, keyless with an immobilizer safety system. The driver does not need to remove the key from the bag, just press the starter button. The handle grip on the handlebar is equipped with a heater that can be controlled via the buttons on the left. Scrambler 1200 XE users also remain comfortable, even though the motorbike is driven in the rain.

There is also a cruise control that allows the motorbike to glide without having to turn the gas. This feature can be intervened to ensure security. Connectivity of the driver with the smartphone is also maintained, because of the power outlet in the form of a USB connector in the storage area under the seat.

Interestingly, this motorbike is also integrated with the GoPro control system. So the camera settings are displayed through the instrument panel and can be controlled via a switchgear, making it easier for motorists. Then there are also features for listening to music and making phone calls. Navigation systems are also available.

This device is directly supported by Google for the provision of a complete database. The screen on the head of the motor turns into a GPS with a simple display when activated. To access all features, the owner of the Scrambler 1200 XE must add an accessory in the form of a Bluetooth system module, in order to connect with a smartphone.

4. High roaming power

To provide a pleasant and not difficult driving experience, the ride mode feature is embedded. At the Scrambler 1200 XE, there are at least 6 choices that can be adjusted to the path that is passed and the needs of the driver. As for the options: Road, Rain, Offroad, Offroad Pro, Sport and Rider Configurable. Each change affects the gas response, ABS settings (anti-locking brake system) and traction control. Especially for Offroad Pro mode, this option turns off ABS performance and traction control for professional riders who need natural control without electronic intervention.

5. Maximum Handling

To ensure control remains safe, Triump utilizes the latest technology at the Scrambler 1200. First there is Optimized Cornering ABS, this feature ensures optimal braking performance, even if the driver is maneuvering around the corner. This device is reinforced with Optimized Cornering Traction Control, which automatically adjusts according to driving conditions so that the mount is always stable. Both features are supported by the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which continues to read all information, such as speed and tilt angle of the motor towards the road

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