Zero Evolution Electric Motor Becomes Smart Motorcycle

Manufacturers of Zero electric motors may not be as big as Honda, Yamaha or Harley-Davidson. They were only able to produce electric motors with hand assembly in California with the support of Silicon Valley engineers. But thanks to that, they were able to move far faster to meet the future of electric motors. Now with Zero SR / F, they are the leading brand in the motorcycle industry without engines.

Smart Motorcycle Jargon echoed through this latest electric-powered naked bike. How smart? Very smart, to be able to charge 95% within 1.5 hours, it can also have up to 10 driving modes and penetrate 260 km in one charge. All of that thanks to the OS (operating system) Cypher III control system.

On February 25, Zero introduced a motorbike with the new system. Cypher III which is the center of motor control has a variety of information that can be shared with fellow driver communities and producers.

Updating the system can also be done remotely, without the need to come to the workshop. They compared the sophistication of this system with Tesla, a famous electric car brand. Via the application, the driver can get a lot of data about the location of the motor, battery status, power, torque, slope and energy used or harvested from the deceleration force.

Yes, right, regenerative deceleration allows braking or decreasing speed to harvest electrical energy to be supplied to the battery and increase roaming distance.

Plus the presence of the latest Z-Force lithium battery with a capacity of 14.4 kWh. This battery can normally be charged within 2-2.5 hours. With the help of fast charging devices of 6 kWh, the charging duration is reduced to only 1.5 hours to fill 95% of battery capacity.

Battery power is used to power the new electric motor, ZF75-10 with a total power of 110 PS. Yes, we did not write wrong, this motor has more power than the Mitsubishi Xpander which is only 104 PS. Imagined, how is the performance? Power is flowed directly without intermediary coupling to the rear wheels via a carbon belt. It is said that top speed reaches 200 kph with a speed limiter installed.

As we already mentioned, the OS system is able to provide up to 10 driving mode options according to the settings that are customized by the driver. In addition to custom modes, there are 4 standard modes namely street, sport, eco and rain.

Other technical specifications, like motorized motorcycles. Frame trellis with geometry like superbike. There is a Showa upside down suspension of 43 mm in front and a 40 mm monoshock in the stern. Everything can be arranged with a variety of settings. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III radial tires are matched. Radial double disc front brake measuring 320 mm with 4 piston calipers and 240 mm at the rear, J-Juan brand. The overall weight of this motorbike reaches 225 kg.

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